Plug in Thermostat [Top 7]-Buyer’s Guide

Plug in Thermostat

The Plug in thermostat converts space heaters and window air conditioners into programmable and energy-efficient devices. It just requires a simple connection to an electrical outlet for installation.

The Plug in programmable thermostat automatically manages the space’s temperature when used with heaters or air conditioners. Set your desired temperature. The Plugin Thermostat will automatically switch on and off to achieve the required temperature.

Various Plug thermostats are available on the market. However, finding the best item is time taking task. We have reviewed the seven best plug in thermostats to save you time. Keep reading for further details!

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7 Best Plug in Thermostat Reviews in 2023

1. Inkbird Pre-Wired Plug in Thermostat – Overall Best

Inkbird Pre-Wired Plug in Thermostat – Overall Best

The ETL Certified Inkbird pre-wired dual-stage Plug in Thermostat is Amazon’s choice. Plug-and-play design makes it user-friendly. Dual Relay Output is a three-in-one function that helps temperature and humidity control separately and simultaneously.

Performance Review

It keeps saving the actual setting values if it turns off unintentionally. Both cooling and heating functions are set separately to avoid damage, and the same for the humidity option.

The dual relay output helps connect this thermostat with cooling and heating tools. It has a waterproof temperature sensor. The required power is up to 1800W.

This plug in temperature controller thermostat is a programmable controller that has been thoroughly tested for quality and safety. It can also be used for terrariums, greenhouses, home brewing,  reptiles, mushroom growing, fermenting, meat storage, cooking, and germinating seeds.

plug-in thermostat usage for plants

The thermostatic range is from -40 to 100celsius. On the other hand, the humidity indicator range is 5 to 99%. It gives reading both in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Besides, it offers 12 different time stages to control temperature and humidity. This feature ensures that it is the best plug-in thermostat for portable heaters and air conditioners. 

  • Plug and play design is easy to use
  • High and low temp/humidity alarms
  • Temp control mode has 12-stage periods
  • Give Reading in Centigrade or Fahrenheit unit
  • Control temp\humidity separately and simultaneously
  • Can humidify and dehumidify products simultaneously
  • Multiple relay output connects with refrigeration and heating product
  • The humidity sensor is not waterproof
  • Over-micromanagement of a greenhouse temperature

Buyer Guide

This multipurpose Inkbird dual stage Plug in Thermostat is for the individual concerned about the quality and looking to control temperature and humidity with different time stages.

2. Lux Win100 – Best Plug in Thermostat for Air Conditionerlux win100 plug-in thermostat

This lux win100 plug-in thermostat is customizable to manage any 120-volt device. It offers separate control for cooling and heating. Moreover, it provides values in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Performance Review

This 5-2 day programable thermostat allows for setting separate plans for weekdays and weekends. You can also set values from 40 to 90 degrees F/C. It has a changeable temperature cycle rate.

You can use this ELT-listed thermostat with a fan and air conditioner. Developed for use with space heaters and air coolers that restart spontaneously if power is restored. The innovative Lux Speed Dial, on/off switches, and storage capacity make operation simple.

Box includes Lux WIN100 Programmable Outlet Thermostat, 2 alkaline G13 button cell batteries, instruction manual, and installation guide.

Moreover, this lux win100 plug in thermostat offers short cycle protection for 5 minutes. It is a great choice to feature full programmability for comfort, convenience, and cost savings. Connect your portable space heater or air conditioner to your thermostat with the WIN100 plug, and it is ready to use.

When it comes to saving energy, you can count on the WIN100 to go above and beyond the average thermostat. The WIN100 is preprogrammed with default cooling and heating schedules that are meant to save up to 33% in energy expenses over a year and also help reduce your carbon impact.

Finally, as the WIN100 is mercury-free, you can be certain that it is a safe and ecologically friendly solution for your home. It is also considered the best plug in thermostat for space heater

  • Easy to setup
  • Customizable
  • 100% mercury-free
  • 5-2 day programable
  • User-friendly speed dial
  • Save up to 33% of energy cost
  • Short lifespan
  • The battery is not so good

Buyer Guide

If you need an energy-efficient plug-in thermostat for fan, air conditioner or space heater and want to set a separate schedule for weekdays and weekends, go for it!

3. Inkbird ITC-608T Plug in Thermostat – Best Multifunctional

Inkbird ITC-608T Plug in Thermostat – Multipurpose

The ELT-listed product is easy to use and tested for quality control and safety. It is multi-functional (3 in 1). It works as a temperature controller, Humidity controller, and temperature and humidity controller simultaneously.

Performance Review

This plug in wall thermostat also allows compressor delay and keeps the original setting values saved. The maximum power it consumes is 1800W. This product can save the actual setting values if it turns off accidentally. Moreover, it supports calibration and gives values in centigrade and Fahrenheit.

Both cooling and heating functions are set separately to avoid damage, and the same for the humidity option. The dual relay output helps to connect the device with refrigeration and heating tools simultaneously.

thermostat outlet plug in

Finally, this ITC-608T temperature and humidity controller may also be utilized in various applications, including refrigerators, greenhouses, fermenting, terrariums, reptiles, mushroom growing, cooking, and meat storage.

  • Easy to use
  • ETL Certificate
  • Dual relay output
  • Dual display window
  • Connect heating and cooling simultaneously
  • Low, High, and over Humidity/Temp Alarms are Available
  • 12 different time options for temperature control mode
  • Control temperature and humidity separately and simultaneously
  • Indoor control only

Buyer Guide

If you need a reliable plug in thermostat that can control temperature and humidity simultaneously and allow you to set both heating and cooling functions separately. This device is a great option for you.

4. BN-LINK Digital Controller – Best Plug in Thermostat with Probe

plug in digital thermostat controller

The Three-button interface makes it easy to use. Its features include LED heating and a power indicators light. A display screen helps see the device’s status in complete darkness.

Performance Review

The BN-LINK heating thermostat controller is designed straightforwardly for the ease of users. Connect your appliance and watch as this thermostat controller keeps the temperature at the appropriate level you’ve specified for your requirements.

Ensure that the temperature in small pet cages and reptile terrariums is kept perfectly stable. Place the temperature probe in the area where the heat source will be directed and watch as your dogs remain comfortable and content. in other words, it is the best plug in thermostat with probe.

Moreover, plug in thermostat for the space heater provides values in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The maximum power consumed is 1000W. The temperature control range is from 40 to 108 Fahrenheit. The temperature display range is from 32-140 Fahrenheit.

Its construction is strong and can be used for any application. It is ELT listed. So, you need to worry about the quality and safety of the product. It is also among the best plug-in timer thermostats. On the downside, This device is not waterproof.

Quick Setup (Step by Step)

To set up BN-LINK Digital Plug in Thermostat, follow the below instructions;

  • Connect the thermostat controller to the wall outlet.
  • Press and hold the “Set” button for a few seconds to enter the temperature setting.
  • Use the UP/DOWN button on your keyboard to change the desired temperature, .
  • Press the “Set” button again To finish the operation.
  • Easy setup
  • Digital output
  • Strong construction
  • Reliable, suitable, and safe
  • The heating system setup is effortless
  • Quick and friendly support for customers
  • Switch between temperature units Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • The device is not waterproof

Buyer Guide

It is ideal for maintaining a constant, ideal temperature for several applications. Moreover, it is simple to install with a big display screen. It is available at a very price.

5. Inkbird ITC-308 –  Best Plug in Thermostat for Heater

Best Plug in Thermostat for Heater

It is Amazon’s choice and comes with dual sockets for heating and cooling. It offers over-temperature protection. The temperature control system displays temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Performance Review

Temperature can be adjusted based on the current setup and ambient circumstances. A dual display window can measure and set temperate simultaneously. It can give power to any equipment with varying conditions.

Box includes: ITC-308 Temperature Controller, Manual.

Buzzer alarms are available when the sensor feels any defects. The maximum power output is 1100W. Moreover, it can be implemented as scorching protection.

You can use its efficient heating system for various electric appliances like pet breeding, seedling heat mats,  Incubation, oven temperature control, terrestrial heat management, electric radiator, electric oven, and other applications.

  • Safe, reliable and user friendly
  • Used for various electronic equipment
  • Measure and set the temperature simultaneously
  • Buzzer alarms for sensor fault or Over-temperature
  • Rise or lower temperature dependent upon ambient conditions and current settings
  • Setup is a bit complex

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a reliable digital plug in thermostat for heater that also works with other electronic appliances and allows you to keep your room temperature from 75°C to 80°C, Go for it!

6. Pymeter Plug in Thermostat Controller – Best for Bigger Display

Plug in Thermostat Controller – Bigger Display

Pymeter temperature controller, unlike some other thermostats, is equipped with two accurate waterproof sensors. And it can control dual sockets for the warmer and chiller independently.

Performance Review

Each outlet does have its temperature-controlled switch, which intelligently monitors central heating mode via an ON/OFF set-point, making it simple and customizable to keep the set temperature well within the required range.

The dual processer has two precise sensors. The dual sensor is waterproof. Dual sockets are easy to manage to keep the temperature at a desirable range.

Besides, it offers safe and authentic high and low-temperature alarms. Finally, it is widely used with various electronic appliances such as Aquarium, heaters for Reptile, Home Brew, Greenhouse,  Plant Grow Tent, Incubation, Pet Breeding, BBQs, Electric Radiator, Aquarium Cooling Fan, Electric Oven, and more.

Unique Features

  • Dual Probes, each capable of controlling two sockets.
  • Power-Off Memory would save your preferences even if it is powered off.
  • Using an On-Off switch, you may specify your desired temperature range.
  • Protect output device from excessive On-Off switching using Power-On Delay.
  • A Temperature difference Alarm is useful in protecting the target from malfunctioning.
  • Heating and cooling modes are supported by each socket, which may be identified using the On/Off set point.
  • On-off setting point
  • Manage two sockets
  • Big and clear display
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Product is waterproof
  • Temperature variation alarms
  • Control heating and cooling mode
  • Not automatic, but it works well

Buyers Guide

Grab this affordable option if you need a dual thermostat outlet plug in that must be convenient to use, work with various electric appliances, and offer other advanced features, including temperature calibration.

7. TPI Plug in Thermostat – Best for Heavy Usage

TPI Plug in Thermostat

The TPI heat-only thermostat is a cost-effective solution. It is particularly designed for indoor and industrial applications. There is a 13 Amp current rating on the thermostat and a voltage rating of 120 Volts. It comes with a 6 ft cord for convenient connecting.

Performance Review

It can regulate the temperature anywhere between -10 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. the SPDT circuit layout offers a simple switching operation. It is the most appropriate for use in both indoor and outdoor environments.

So, control all of your cooling and heating systems with the TPI KT121 SPST heat-only thermostat. Additionally, it includes a 6-foot cable and connector. Besides, the SPST circuit layout allows easy switching of the circuit.

Finally, this thermostat is built to last. It has a steel casing and a bi-metal sensor. So, this thermostat can withstand frequent and heavy usage for a long period.

  • Easy to use
  • bi-metal sensor
  • Safe and reliable
  • Rugged steel case
  • UL-listed and CSA certified
  • Gives values in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Old-fashioned temperature controller

Buyer Guide

Don’t hesitate to buy it if you want a cost-effective indoor plug-in thermostat with a long cord to regulate the temperature between -10 and 100 degrees!

Plug in Thermostat: FAQs

How does a plug-in thermostat work?

The Plug-In thermostat provides convenient, hands-free temperature control. In order to achieve the set temperature, the Plug-in thermostat will activate or deactivate any electrical appliance which is connected to it.

Is there a plug-in thermostat?

Yes, there is a plug-in thermostat. It improves the efficiency of Window AC and Space Heaters. Moreover, it is simple to operate and easily plug into any electrical outlet for quick installation.

What is a plug-and-play thermostat?

Inkbird pre-wired thermostat is Plug-and-play. You can connect it with refrigeration and heating equipment to control temperature.

Wrapping Up

The article above provides you with a detailed review of the 7 best plug in thermostats available to buy in 2023. We hope our review will help you to make better decisions. If you still have any further queries, feel free to drop your comment below.

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