How Does a Wi-Fi Range Extender Work? [July 2021 Updated]

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How Does a WiFi Range Extender Work

Today, Wi-Fi is the need of every home. However, the Wi-Fi connection diminishes with the increase in the number of users at the same home or office. It also doesn’t work in some rooms and areas far from the Wi-Fi router due to walls, furniture interruptions, or general space. Here, a Wi-Fi range extender is a great solution to the problem of internet access and speed.

This article will let you know how does a Wi-Fi extender work, its requirements, how many extenders should you use, why should you buy it, and more.

What is Wi-Fi Range Extender?

The Wi-Fi extender connects with your router wirelessly (or through a wired connection) to help extend your internet signal to rooms with dead Wi-Fi areas. It’s a unique tool that stays between the wireless router and the areas where you need strong Wi-Fi coverage. A Wi-Fi extender captures wireless transmission from an access point or router and transfers it to a wireless device, improving the speed of the internet.

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Does the Wi-Fi range extender really work?

Absolutely! Wi-Fi extender captures an existing Wi-Fi signal using a single Wi-Fi antenna, amplifies it, and transmits it using another Wi-Fi antenna. Advanced Wi-Fi extenders can cover a wide area with a strong Wi-Fi signal and successfully provide signals to all dead areas.

However, the efficiency of your Wi-Fi extender depends upon the location of your Wi-Fi device and the efficiency of your internet connection.

The prime challenge is figuring out the right location for your Wi-Fi extender. It needs to be close enough to your router to capture the signal, but far enough to re-broadcast that signal to the dead area where you need strong Wi-Fi.

What is required to use a Wi-Fi extender?

To use a Wi-Fi extender, you need to have an active broadband Wi-Fi Internet connection. Even the signals are week, you must have it because the extender needs to connect with the existing wired connection.

How many Wi-Fi extenders should I use?

It entirely depends upon your requirements and preferences. For homes with large spaces and spacious rooms, it is wise to use two extensions to ensure that all corners are covered. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind if you need to use more than one:

  • Do not connect one wireless extender to another. This can result in the unsatisfactory performance of the second extender.
  • If you are using a dual extender, make sure it is connected to a large router. Otherwise, the performance of the second extender will be unsatisfactory.
  • Both extensions should not share the same SSID as the main router because there is a risk of connecting to each other than a large router. This limit does not apply if you are able to connect the extender to a large router via Ethernet.

Is a Wi-Fi extender like a Wi-Fi booster and Wi-Fi repeater?

We need to know that Wi-Fi- extenders, repeaters, and booster are almost the same – devices to improve Wi-Fi coverage. There is no clear distinction between these devices. However, each of them works differently and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it depends on the type of space where you need coverage, and the result you hope to achieve.

3 Reasons to buy a Wi-Fi range extender

Are you looking to buy a Wi-Fi extender for your home? Here are a few reasons it might work well for you.

1. Weak signals at first floor

You have chosen a perfect location to install a wireless router. It can be downstairs in the family room. But as anyone in the upper bedroom is facing the problem of week signals due to more users or no internet coverage. Before installing a Wi-Fi extender, think realistically and install it upstairs room located closest to the router.

2. Multiple users

If there are multiple users at home like kids use the internet to do their homework, you’re focused enough to check your emails, someone else is taking resistance band workout classes – All this results into website buffering. Wi-Fi extender is the best solution to your problem.

3. The Wi-Fi doesn’t reach outside

In the summer, we like to spend time outside, when it comes to extending that signal to an outdoor location, place a Wi-Fi extender in a room with an external access point. Follow all the same rules for keeping the signal as stable as possible.

Tip for Wi-Fi Range ExtenderUse Double-band Wi-Fi extender, single-band extender slows down the internet speed if they try to provide signals over long distances.


The Bottom Line

The above article is helpful for an individual who is wondering to know how does a Wi-Fi extender work and how many extenders should be used and more. If you still have any questions, feel free to drop your comment below.

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