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Google Pixelbook go

A mid-range Chromebook from Google, the Google Pixelbook Go is more expensive than most of its rivals. However, it is excellent for those choosing design and performance over price.

If you are looking to buy a Google Pixelbook Go, keep reading. Here you will get all the details that you need before buying it.

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Google Pixelbook Go; Specifications

Brand: Google | Series: Pixelbook Go | Screen Size: 13.3 Inches | Color: Just Black | Hard Disk Size: 128 GB | CPU Model: Core i5-8200Y | Ram Memory Installed Size: 8GB | Operating System: Chrome OS | Card Description: Integrated | Graphics Coprocessor: Intel UHD Graphics | Screen Resolution: ‎1920 x 1080 pixels | Weight: ‎2.33 pounds | Dimensions: ‎0.57 x 12.25 x 8.12 in

Google Pixelbook Go; Main Features

The Google Pixelbook Go has all the latest features. Here is a detailed description of the features and qualities of the laptop.

Pixelbook Go Design

Numerous low-cost Chromebooks feel cheap to grip and use because they are constructed from inexpensive materials. The Google Pixelbook Go doesn’t have a cheap feel. The Chromebook has a sleek magnesium case that defines its shape.

The bottom is a ridged plate, while the top is flat metal with gently rounded corners. According to Google, the ridges are designed to make it simpler to hold the Google Pixelbook Go. The design also has taken into account heat dissipation.

Google maintained the Pixelbook Go’s profile as slim as possible. Google was able to minimize the size thanks to the 13.3-inch display. It has the same screen size as my Apple MacBook Pro but is lighter and smaller.

When you place Chromebook on a table, a notch makes it easier for your thumb to grasp the lid and open it. I like that it does not require two hands to open the Pixelbook Go due to the weight of the lower part.

Wherever you place the lid, the hinge securely holds it in place. The Pixelbook Go is not a convertible; it is a typical clamshell.

Pixelbook Go Keyboard

The lower deck has a full-sized keyboard, a large touchpad, and stereo speakers. Google wisely chose the controls for volume and brightness, back/reload, multitasking screen, and music for the function keys.

A dedicated Google Assistant button and quick access to the app drawer are both included on the keyboard.  It feels natural to use this keyboard because it is big.

Google Pixelbook Go Keyboard

You can choose between a light tap and a full click to interact with anything on the screen. Moreover, you can tune up speed and response time to the highest levels.

Although the tap option has a slight sensitivity issue, it is still preferable to the loud clacking when firmly pushing the trackpad.

Pixelbook Go Display

The Google Pixelbook Go’s display is average in every way. It has a typical shape, size, and resolution. However, it is still good, even if it isn’t an excellent presentation. In addition, there is a 4K version available.

The screen can produce a good quantity of light. The colors appear authentic, and the pixel density is just right to prevent jagged edges and maintain the legible text. So using the Chromebook in a bright office or a Starbucks with low lighting is no problem.

Concore Glass’s glossy sheen is incredibly reflective. The panel will reflect light, which will be a problem. The display will become covered with fingerprints if you touch it frequently, lowering its reflectivity.

The touchscreen is precise and touch-responsive. To sum up, the display is perfect for this class of Chromebook.

Google Pixelbook Go Performance

An 8th generation Intel Core processor with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage is required. Only the 4K display costs three times as much as most other Chromebooks and is compatible with the high-end Core i7 CPU.

When tested and found that the Pixelbook Go performed admirably. I used many sluggish Chromebooks in the past, so the Pixelbook Go felt snappy and responsive in contrast. In addition, the Chromebook responded quickly to all input, multitasking was seamless, and apps opened in a flash.

Google pixelbook Go best performance

Provides built-in antivirus software and the Titan C security chip to safeguard your data, passwords, and information; Automatic updates for Chrome OS offer you access to the newest features and security.

It starts quickly and is always ready to use. Everything you do is powered by the 8th generation Intel Core processor, which is speedy and responsive.

Pixelbook Go Battery

Even though not everyone’s day or job is the same, the Google Pixelbook Go’s battery gives me all the power I require to get through the day. According to Google, the battery can last 12 hours with mixed use.

I tried the Google Pixelbook Go with the WiFi, and Bluetooth radios always turned at varying brightness levels. The Pixelbook Go continued to operate whether I was watching Netflix or browsing the internet.

10.5 hours was my worst result, while 11.4 hours was my best. That comes pretty close to the 12-hour uptime rating that Google has.

You can get around two hours of battery life for rapid charging by putting the Pixelbook Go into the included charger for 20 minutes. That will suffice to get you through a meeting or lecture.

The Pixelbook Go continues to be competitive in the battery sector even if the most acceptable Chromebooks of today still aim for a 10- to 12-hour battery life.


All Chromebooks use the same operating system, which is called Chrome OS. However, unlike Android phones, these devices have no manufacturer-made UI skins.

As previously mentioned, Chrome 77 was the operating system on the Pixelbook Go when it was first delivered, and Chrome 78 was automatically updated after a few days.

These changes are beneficial since they show Google is maintaining the platform’s security. It is a crucial selling point for Chrome OS and why schools trust it. Chromebooks are currently running Chrome OS 96.

The Google Play Store is preloaded on the Pixelbook Go, enabling Android applications. You can download games, apps, and other material from there.

Unfortunately, Android apps typically run in tiny, phone-shaped desktop windows, which makes it difficult to interact with them.


The Duo Cam is positioned above the display, as it should be. Of course, Google’s video chat software and service are called Duo. You may use Duo to communicate with other phones, Chromebooks, and even Nest gadgets as long as they are set up.

With the dazzling HD touchscreen display and twin stereo speakers, enjoy stunning visuals and audio when viewing movies, editing photographs, or participating in video chats via the 1080p webcam.

What is in the Box?

Google Pixelbook Go, Duo Camera, Integrated Audio, and Charger.


  • Search for anything: Press the Search button.
  • Trigger Google Assistant: Search + A.
  • Lock your Chromebook: Search + L.
  • Take a Screenshot: Ctrl + Overview button (just above the six key)
  • Delete: Alt + Backspace

Evaluation Results of Google Pixelbook GO

What we liked
  • Twin Stereo Speakers
  • HD touchscreen Display
  • 12 hours long Batter Life
  • Varying Brightness Levels
  • Lightweight and Sleek Design
  • Backlit keyboard with hush Keys
  • 8th generation Intel Core processor
  • The operating system is Chrome OS with auto-updates
What we didn't like
  • The camera quality is not so good

Google Pixelbook Go: FAQs

Here are the answers to the most common questions about Google Pixelbook Go.

Is the Pixelbook Go still good?

In our ranking of the top laptops for 2022, the Google Pixelbook Go comes in at number three. This Chromebook is an attractive option for daily usage because it has a quiet keyboard and a long battery life.

However, despite being suitable for web browsing and movie playback, it is not good for intensive photo editing or gaming.

Is Google Pixelbook Go discontinued?

Google nevertheless stopped selling the original Pixelbook in September 2020. So even though it seems like it would take some time, a sequel is necessary.

What is the difference between a Pixelbook and a Chromebook?

Essentially, these two Chromebook keyboards are between “excellent” and “outstanding.” The Pixelbook Go is smaller, lighter, has a better keyboard, and comes in a pretty pink hue, making it practically a toss-up in our comparison. Google’s Chromebook thus barely edges out the competition in this case.

Is the Google pixel go touchscreen?

Native 1080p support and a 13.3″ touch screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution let you control your games and HD movies with your hands.

What is better, Pixelbook or Pixelbook Go?

If you wish to match the Go’s $999 configuration dollar for dollar, the Go features a newer Core i5 CPU, a larger screen, and twice the RAM, but is only available in the clamshell style and Full HD resolution. The Pixelbook, in contrast, has a smaller screen, an older Core i5, half the RAM, and a better Quad HD resolution.

Final Verdict

The article above provides you with all details about Google Pixelbook Go. In sum, it is a good option for budget-conscious people, so many features at this price are rare. For better options, read out our review on Google Pixelbbok i7.


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