Bluetooth Thermostat [Top 10] – Buyer’s Guide

Bluetooth Thermostat

According to a recent Research and Market report, The US demand for smart thermostats is growing by 20% annually. Bluetooth thermostat has received great attention as a smart thermostat. it can track heating and cooling routines to record the energy usage of your HVAC system. Then, use this data to adjust temperatures automatically.

The latest versions offer more features than older but selecting an appropriate thermostat is a tricky task. One must know its technical aspects before buying it.

👉This guide informs you about what should you keep in your mind while buying a thermostat and the best Bluetooth thermostats available in the market in 2023.

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What to Look for in a Best Bluetooth Thermostat


Make sure that thermostat is compatible with your cooling and Heating system. To do this, keep in mind;

  • System Type The common system types include central heat and air or only central heat working with electricity, oil or gas. The heat pump, furnace, fireplace and electric baseboard are also mostly used systems.
  • Stage Level- Single or Two stage

Life Pattern

Thermostat should match with your life pattern of getting up, going to work, getting home and sleeping. This is different for everyone. So, you need a well-designed thermostat model that can adapt to those changes.

Thermostats usually offer following 4 different temperature schedules;

  • 7- Day Schedule — It allows you to set a different temperature for each day (Monday – Sunday) of the entire week. So, this is the best option for home with kids having crazy and wild routine.
  • 5-1-1 Schedule— It lets you set three different temperature schedules; 1) Monday to Friday, 2) Saturday, 3) Sunday.
  • 5+2 Schedule — It helps you set two different temperature schedules; weekdays (Monday to Friday) and weekend (Saturday + Sunday). The both Schedules 5-1-1 and 5+2 work well for professionals.
  • 1-week Schedule — If you need a same temperature through the entire week, this schedule is for you. Bluetooth thermostat allows to set just one temperature for Monday to Sunday. Therefore, this is the best option for the individual having a predictable life.


If you are using more than one thermostat for different zones in your home, then buy the Wireless thermostat that can act as a Master to monitor all thermostats in your home.

Table: Comparison of 10 Best Bluetooth Thermostat in 2021

10 Best Bluetooth Thermostats in 2023: In-Depth Analysis

A modern smart home is considered incomplete without a Bluetooth thermostat. Using advanced features like connected wifi and wireless remotes, you can control it at the comfort of your bed. In addition to wifi, you can connect your smartphone to the thermostat using a Bluetooth connection.

To assist you in finding the best option, we have examined the 7 Bluetooth thermostats. The analysis below provides you with all details related to features, compatibility with an HVAC system, cautions, pros and cons, and more.

1. Google Nest (T3007ES) Learning Thermostat – Best Overall

Overall Best Bluetooth Thermostat - Google Nest Learning

This Bluetooth smart thermostat is beautifully designed with 7 polished metal finishes and a high-resolution display. It is also a Programmable smart thermostat that learns your schedule and the temperatures you like and programs itself. In this way, it helps you save energy and stay comfortable.

Bluetooth Thermostat Alexa Performance Review

It’s easy to install, typically in 30 minutes or less and it is compatible with 95% of heating and cooling systems. Moreover, using Bluetooth, connect your smartphone with the thermostat.

While installing, alters can inform you about a potential problem with an HVAC system. Check out the compatibility of your HVAC system. It automatically adjusts to an Eco Temperature while you are on the go. So, you don’t need to heat or cool an empty home.

You can change the temperature from anywhere using your smartphone or laptop. The Nest Leaf appears when you choose a temperature that saves energy and shows you the temperature, weather, or time on your thermostat when you walk into the room.

Bluetooth thermostat - 7 polished metal finishes

Please Note: This amazing device works with the Nest Temperature Sensor (sold separately) to offer you the exact temperature you want it to be.

Using this Bluetooth Thermostat, you can save between 10%-12% on heating costs and around 15% on cooling costs.  However, energy savings vary depending on weather, frequency adjustment, energy usage, and other factors.

You can check the energy history from your Smartphone, or you can use the Quick View directly on the thermostat’s screen to reach the energy history.

Box includes:  Nest learning thermostat, Heat Link, Trim Plate, screws, USB cable and plug, Nest Base and User guide.

Additional Features

The Nest Learning Thermostat offers all smart features with the addition of a larger display, furnace monitor, geofencing, and a few more unique sensors.

The quick setup and latest features make it the best wireless thermostat.  Finally, in order to create an account, visit the official Nest website or download the Nest app, it will guide you that how to connect Nest App and thermostat.

Watch this video to know 3rd Generation Nest Learning Thermostat

Warning: Don’t replace the recommendation of a qualified HVAC professional just because of Alerts.

How to turn off Eco mode on Nest?

To turn off eco mode on Nest, open the home screen of the Nest app. Select Home/Away Assist from the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the display screen. Now turn off the automatic switching to Eco Temperatures at the very top of the screen.

What is the difficulty level for smart thermostat?

The smart thermostat is not difficult to install. Its instruction manual guides you through the process depending on the cables on your current thermostat. Temperature ranges are also supported, so as long as you do not place the hot and cool temps too near to one another, you should be alright.

Pros and Cons of Nest Bluetooth Thermostat

  • Sleek design
  • Program itself
  • Energy History
  • Easy Installation
  • Proven energy-saving features
  • Auto and Manual Programing
  • Work with other Nest even third-party devices
  • Compatible with Google Home, Alexa, and IFTTT
  • C-wire required for cold climate
  • Expensive However, additional features worth the cost
  • Nest Temperature Sensor (required) not included in the box

Buyer Guide

Google Nest Hi Tech Thermostat is intelligent enough to reads its schedule and programs to help save energy. You can also control and adjust the temperature by sending voice instructions to Alexa and Google Assistant.

Besides, this best wireless smart thermostat is a well-designed, with a large bright display and a metal finish fit with any home style. Finally, auto-adjustment features make it most suitable for a busy life.

2. Bosch BCC50 – The Most Accurate Bluetooth ThermostatBest Bluetooth - Bosch BCC50 Thermostat

Bosch BSS50 is the best wireless thermostat, available in a Sleek design with 5 illuminated touch buttons, that look great in your home. It is also programmable that follows up to 4 preset or user-defined schedules to help you save energy and money.

WiFi Thermostat Performance Review

It allows you to connect to your HVAC equipment remotely. In-Built reminder sends you alerts when the system’s air filter needs replacement.

This device works with a smart home systems like Alexa and Google Assistance. So, this wireless thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home also with voice.

Please Note: For BCC50 Thermostat, the Alexa commands work with just two modes: Heating Only and Cooling Only.

Bosch connected control app allows you to set vocation mode to save energy, particularly when you’re away. The App alerts ensure your home is safe, help you to control several thermostats if you have and for each thermostat, and allows setting up to 4 schedules. Moreover, it is among the most accurate thermostat.

Box includes: BCC50 Thermostat, Wall plate, Screw, wire labels and Wall Anchors and User Guide.

Additional Features

The auto function of this Bluetooth smart thermostat helps you to set your desired temperature either heating/cooling or auto. Its standout features include automatically turning off the backlit touch button when not in use and showing only important information of temperature on the screen.

Bosch Wireless Bluetooth Thermostat cannot work with;

  • Remote sensors
  • Millivolt systems
  • Electric baseboard
  • Thermostats; Proprietary communicating and Line voltage

You can easily download a mobile App using any of three methods; First, search for “Bosch Connected Control” 1) App Store, 2) Google Play Store, 3) Visit the official website of Bosch or scan this QR code.

Explore the Download App section and click the link for your desired App. Overall, it is the best wireless programmable thermostat.

WARNING: Before installation, make sure your HVAC system is power off otherwise, it can result in damage to the system or electrical shock.


Pros and Cons of Bluetooth WiFi Thermostat

  • Programable
  • 3-year warranty
  • HVAC filter reminder
  • Auto on safety control
  • Sleek design with touch button
  • Compatible with smart home system
  • Maximize comfort with minimum efforts
  • Require C-wire
  • Some users claim low connectivity

Buyer Guide

Bosch bluetooth Thermostat is for the individual 1) who is using more than one thermostat If you want to control all with one thermostat, 2) looking for sleek design thermostat with all smart features, 3) want to control the home temperature easily and remotely using Alexa or google assistant and want to save energy while you are not using it, this wireless bluetooth thermostat is the best option.

3. Bluetooth Thermostat Honeywell (TH9320WF5003)  – User-Friendly Honeywell Bluetooth Thermostat (TH9320WF5003)

This Honeywell Bluetooth thermostat helps you to manage the temperature of your home from anywhere.  The programming features also offer a separate heat and AC temperature degree setting for each time slot within your schedule.

Performance Review

This thermostat keeps you updated about indoor/outdoor temperatures and humidity levels. You can also receive alerts and reminders on display and through the app.

Honeywell thermostat Bluetooth allows you to work with the latest devices including Alexa and Google Assistant. So, this Bluetooth remote thermostat helps you to control the temperature even with your voice.

Moreover, it also allows you to forget to re-adjust your temps in Summer vs. Winter. Besides, it switches over to cool from Heat automatically.

Please Note: Automatic updates are sent only, if you have account with “Total Connect Comfort” and connected to Wi-Fi.

Additional Feature

The standout feature that no other Bluetooth thermostat in this price range offers is the fan circulate option. It automatically kicks the fan on 30% of the time when the heat/AC isn’t blowing the fan.

You can not only switch the reading from F (Fahrenheit) to C (celsius), but also you can change the language to English, French, and Spanish. The background color of your display screen can be changed within 12 options matching it with the interior of your home.

Honeywell Thermostat (TH9320WF5003) - 12 Colors

This thermostat offers a five-year warranty. All these features make it a great choice for a smart home. 

BOX Includes: Thermostat, Wall plate, Screws and anchors, Wire labels, Thermostat ID Card, a reference Card, user guide and quick start guide.

Pros and Cons of Blue tooth Thermostat

  • Smart alerts
  • DIY installation
  • Remote Access
  • Vacation mode
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Easy-To-Use-App
  • Fan circulation option
  • Smart Home compatibility
  • 7-Day Programming + manual
  • Automatic temperature setting
  • Custom Background color and language
  • Not battery operated
  • No offline notifications
  • Little expensive but amazing features with a 5-year warranty worth the cost.

Buyer Guide

This Wireless Wi-Fi Thermostat is for the person 1) looking for Customized color pallet, 2) want to control home temperature via mobile app or voice commands and has advance HVAC systems, including dual fueled. This Honeywell Thermostat will be a good investment for your smart home

In contrast, you should not buy it If, 1) you don’t have/want C-Wire installation, 2) want to get energy reports and separately controls humidifier/dehumidifier and ventilation fans.

4. Honeywell RCHT8612WF T5 Plus  – Best Bluetooth Thermostat without C-Wire

Best Wireless Thermostat - Honeywell T5+

This other Honeywell Bluetooth Thermostat model T5+ comes with a user-friendly interface that allows controlling the temperature of your home with great comfort even remotely. You don’t need C-Wire to install it.

Bluetooth Thermostat without C-Wire: Performance Review

It is completely compatible with your smart homes as it works with Alexa, Apple Home Kit, and more. Moreover, it is Energy Star Certified and compatible with single & multi-stage conventional heating and cooling systems. You can program any schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Besides, the Honeywell thermostat Bluetooth works with Android and other latest devices. So, you can also control and adjust the temperature using iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

This device can also be set to examine if the home temperature should be in heating or cooling mode to maximize your comfort.  Additionally, the adaptive recovery assesses how long it takes to reach the right temperature and automatically sets your system to get the required temperature using auto change from heat to cool.

BOX includes: Honeywell T5+ Thermostat, Screws and anchors, UWP Mounting System and user guide.

Moreover, the Bluetooth thermostat offers 7-Day Flexible Scheduling and an amazing feature of geofencing, that automatically adjusts your thermostat based on your location. For instance, when you are on the go, the App will instruct the thermostat to change settings and save energy.

Additional Feature

This Honeywell Bluetooth thermostat works with Utility Rebate Programs, which also allows you to create positive environmental impacts by saving energy. Besides, you can get rewards for saving on your energy bill. Finally, if you buy a T5+ thermostat, don’t forget to register with Utility Rebate Programs to earn a reward for saving energy.

Honeywell also offers customers online support. and toll-free call 1-800-468-1502.

WARNING: If this thermostat is replacing a product containing mercury in a sealed tube, avoid throwing the old one in the trash. Please contact waste management authority in your area for proper disposal.

You can use this Preset schedule given below to minimize your heating and cooling cost.

Pros and Cons of Bluetooth Thermostat Without WiFi

  • Utility rewards
  • Programmable
  • Auto Home/Away
  • Adaptive recovery
  • Work without C-wire
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Smart Response & Alerts
  • C-wire required
  • Some users are not satisfied with customer support

Buyer Guide

This Honeywell bluetooth Thermostat is for an individual who 1) doesn’t have C-Wire installed, 2) is looking for a certified thermostat with user-friendly interface and smart features, 3) doesn’t have time to change from heat to cool, 4) needs 7-day flexible scheduling and wants to earn rewards on saving energy through utility rebate program.

5. Honeywell Bluetooth Thermostat (RTH6580WF) – Best Value Bluetooth Thermostat - Honeywell ( RTH6580WF )

The Honeywell Programmable Bluetooth Thermostat is designed for your lifestyle. After connecting to the internet, you can control it from anywhere. You can also set the indoor temperature with the touch of a button.

WiFi Bluetooth Thermostat Review

This WiFi Bluetooth Thermostat is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and more. Moreover, the free Mobile App allows you to monitor and adjust the temperature, energy usage, and indoor humidity levels of your home from your smartphone, tablet even laptop.

Besides, this Bluetooth thermostat Honeywell provides you with alerts and reminders. The Smart response feature can also learn the cycles of your HVAC system to optimize and deliver the required temperature.

To prevent compressor from damage, avoid turning on air conditioner, in case, the outside temperature goes below 50 °F.


The energy-saving schedule is preset for 4 settings; wake, leave, return and sleep. You can use this default setting to decrease your energy expenses. However, energy savings can vary depending on usage, weather, and geographic region. Overall, it is the best value thermostat.

Warning: This Honeywell Thermostat (RTH6580WF) is compatible with 24 V systems. For example, Furnace (Warm Air), Central Air Conditioning, Heat Pump with/without Auxiliary Heat, Hot Water and Steam. However, it is not compatible with 120 V/240 V millivolt                              systems like baseboard electric heat and gas fireplace.

Additional Feature

Last but not least these Energy-star certified Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats work well without sacrificing performance. You can plan to save energy when you are not there and be comfortable when you return.

BOX Includes: Thermostat, Wall plate, Screws and anchors, Wire labels, Thermostat ID Card, a reference Card, user guide and quick start guide.

Pros and Cons of Honeywell Bluetooth Thermostat

  • Vacation mode
  • Remote Access
  • DIY installation
  • Easy-To-Use-App
  • 7 Day Programming
  • Compressor protection
  • Upgrades Automatically
  • Smart Home Integration
  • Heating/cooling auto changeover
  • Outdated Design
  • No outdoor weather sensor
  • Doesn’t work with the Apple Home kit
  • Not compatible with: Electric Baseboard 120V-240V, 750 Millivolt, Heat Pump (with or without EM)

Buyer Guide

If you need a best value thermostat at low price  integrated with smart homes and allows 7-day programming, this Honeywell bluetooth thermostat a good solution for you. It is also easy to install, and the auto temperature control option saves your time make it convenient to use manually as well as remotely.

6. Emerson Sensi Touch  –  Hi Tech Bluetooth ThermostatBluetooth Emerson Sensi Touch Thermostat

The Emerson Sensi is another hi tech thermostat that allows you to change or adjust your home temperature remotely. The easy-to-use touch screen and a free mobile app let you access it remotely. Moreover, it is particularly designed to work with HVAC machines in most homes in the U.S. & Canada.

Performance Review

The mobile app guides you through each step of the installation process enabling you to finish the process in 30 minutes or less. Once the Bluetooth thermostat is running, you can automatically adjust your temperature settings by installing geofencing.

And Using precise controls, you can also create a custom schedule, saving about 23% of your HVAC power consumption. So, it is a Bluetooth programmable thermostat. Besides, it is also compatible with Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, Wink, and smart home platforms.

Please Note: Standard c-wire is required for installation of Sensi Touch.

However, power savings vary depending on equipment type, divergence, weather, and size/frequency adjustment. You can set up, increase or decrease your home temperature with simple voice commands using Alexa or Siri on your iPhone or iPad.

BOX include: Sensi Smart Thermostat, Mounting hardware, Wire labels, Thermostat base, Furnace jumper wire and user guide.

Additional Feature

Additional amazing features like straight menus, easy-to-read temperatures, background light, smart alerts, and more also make it one of the best Bluetooth Thermostats in the market. Besides, this Sensi Touch Wi-Fi thermostat has been named the ‘perfect’ thermostat of 2020 by USA Today’s Reviewed.

System compatibility:  Heating – 1 & 2 stages (W2 and W/E), Cooling – 1 & 2 stages (Y and Y2), Heat pump – (O/B, W2 and W/E), Fan – (G), Power – (C, RC, RH)

Powering methods: Wired; 20 to 30 VAC via terminals Rh, Rc and C. NEC class II, 50/60 Hz

Finally, before buying, check out online compatibility tools at to make sure the Sensi Bluetooth thermostat can work in your home.

Features of Top Rated and Free Mobile App by Emerson Sensi Thermostat

  1. Weather Updates: Stay updated about local weather.
  2. Keypad lock: Setting can be locked to disable changes.
  3. Remote Access: Control and set schedule from anywhere.
  4. Usage Report: Stay informed about fan runtimes, usage of heating and cooling.
  5. Geofencing: Automatically adjust thermostat using your smartphone’s location.
  6. Flexible Scheduling: Select the schedule daily, weekly whatever fits your lifestyle.
  7. Color Shift: Different color help you to distinguish whether system is on heating or cooling mode.
  8. Smart Alerts: Send you alerts in case of extreme humidity level even the loss of heating or cooling.
  9. Auto Adjust: Automatically changes between heating and cooling mode to balance the temperature.

Please Note: There Features are same for other smart Thermostat manufactured by Emerson.

Emerson Sensi Thermostat Compatibility with HVAC System

Pros and Cons

  • Color shift
  • Back glow
  • Geofencing
  • Smart alerts
  • Easy to use App
  • Humidity reading
  • Brightness adjusts
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Upgrade automatically
  • Some users complain against customer support

Buyer’s Guide

This Sensi Touch Bluetooth thermostat is for an individual who 1) wants to control several thermostats with one account using top rated and free mobile App 2) is looking for latest certified thermostat with all smart features – like energy-saving and remote access, compatible with smart home devices, smart alerts, geofencing and much more.

7. Emerson Smart Bluetooth Thermostate – Best ValueBest Wireless Thermostat - Emerson Sensi Smart

You can control Emerson Sensi Smart Thermostat from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. The smart alerts help you to detect the extreme temperature in your home. The usage report also allows you to monitor heating/cooling runtime and the average humidity level.

Performance Review

It works with the HVAC equipment found in most homes without the need for C-wire excluding heat-only, cool-only, and heat pump systems. Besides, Its compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit, and Samsung SmartThings allows you to control the temperature of your home even with your voice.

Please Note: Before buying please check system and router compatibility at

You can also use step-by-step instructions for quick installation and skip any extra work painting or patching the wall, thanks to the standard thermostat size. Mostly it takes 30 minutes or less to install.

BOX Includes: Sensi Smart Thermostat, Mounting hardware, Security code card, Wire labels, Thermostat base, 2- AA batteries, and Quick-start guide

Additional Feature

Additionally, the ENERGY STAR-certified Sensi thermostat helps you save on your HVAC energy costs by about 23%, with features like geofencing, auto changeover, and flexible scheduling. The USA Today Network has also rated it as the Editor’s Choice Best Value.

Pros and Cons of Thermostat with Bluetooth

  • Humidity sensor
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Smart Home Compatible
  • PIN lockout – Kids Safety
  • Easy & Quick Installation
  • HVAC system Compatible
  • On-screen local weather updates
  • The app can control multiple thermostats
  • No energy usage report
  • Humidistat can’t be replaced

Buyer Guide

This Emerson Sensi Smart Thermostat with Bluetooth is for the individual who don’t have C-wire installed, not interested in touchscreen display and looking for LCD screen that is easy to read even in dim light and top rated Mobile App to offers remote access, geofencing, flexible scheduling, auto adjust, weather updates and much more.

8. Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat – Best for Partial Bluetooth Support

Ecobee4 Bluetooth Thermostat

Ecobee smart thermostat assists you in controlling the temperature of your home. Even you can do it with your voice because it is compatible with Alexa. You can also set events to get notifications and alerts.

Performance Review

Amazingly, your presence can be detected by the thermostat. When you are not at home, it will automatically lower the temperature, saving you money on energy. The temperature will rise when you return home to provide the ideal comfortable environment for you and your family.

Moreover, using the Time of Use feature, you can cool and heat your home at the most cost-effective and convenient times. The Ecobee smart thermostat has a timeless and classic style that will go with any decor.

Finally, you can remotely control your temperature with the Ecobee app. We recommend you keep the thermostat in the most crucial room in the house to ensure the proper temperature.

Additional Features

Alexa compatibility allows you to regulate the temperature with your voice. In addition, the Smart sensors can detect your presence and change the temperature depending on whether you’re at home or not. In this way, this thermostat with Bluetooth keeps the energy cost as low as possible.

Pros and Cons of Wireless Home Thermostat

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Ecobee offers free Android and iOS app
  • Amazon Alexa Voice Service is pre-installed
  • The room sensor regulates hot and cold regions
  • Room occupancy is detected for maximum comfort
  • Sometimes Malfunctions
  • Doesn’t work with HomeKit
  • Expensive but latest features worth the cost

Buyer Guide

It is for the individual who doesn’t care for the price and looking for a leading smart thermostat with all the latest and diverse features.

9. Airxcel Wireless Bluetooth Thermostat – Best for Mobile Home or RV

Wall-Mount Digital Bluetooth Thermostat

This conventional-styled digital thermostat allows you to control the temperature. It is simple to operate. You and your family members will be able to manage the high tech thermostat from your smartphones.

Performance Review

This wireless Bluetooth thermostat can be connected to four different smart devices. However, to utilize it, you must be within the device’s Bluetooth range. As a result, you won’t be able to modify the temperature from afar.

Moreover, using the RV Climate app on your Apple or Android phone, you can adjust the temperature. However, it is compatible with Android OS 4. 4 (or above) and iOS 9. 0 (or above). Even at night, the illuminated LCD makes this wireless Bluetooth thermostat easy to use.

Additional Features

The thermostat can be used to alter the speed of your fan. Moreover, the device has a backlit LCD that makes it the best for low-light conditions. Finally, the Airxcel Bluetooth thermostat can be connected to up to four smart devices.

Pros and Cons of Wireless Bluetooth Thermostat

  • Connect up to 4 devices
  • Allow controlling fan speed
  • Compatible with both OS and iOS
  • The backlit LCD is good for low light conditions
  • Unattractive Style
  • Doesn’t work outside the Bluetooth range

Buyer Guide

This bluetooth home thermostat is quite basic, making it ideal for individuals who aren’t searching for anything fancy but need to use it on multiple devices.

10. King ATMOS Electric Programmable Bluetooth Thermostat – Best for Unconnected Home

KING ATMOS1-B Programmable Bluetooth Thermostat

The King Electric Bluetooth thermostat has programming features and a modern appearance. However, it requires downloading and installing the app to your smartphone to utilize this thermostat.

Performance Review

You can integrate this king thermostat into your smart home and make it meet your schedule. It allows you to program 4 or 6 distinct periods. When you get home on a cold winter night, it can be warm. During summer, you can wake up with the fan running, and so on.

Box Include: 1P Electronic Bluetooth Thermostat, and AA Battery

So, now no need to bother about your heating costs. This high tech thermostat can also save you up to 28% on your heating bills, making it an excellent long-term investment. Finally, this Electric king Bluetooth thermostat is easy to install and set up without any help.

Pros and Cons of King Bluetooth Thermostat

  • Program 4 to 6 time periods
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Saves up to 15% heating costs
  • You can control it via a phone app
  • The backlit display offers easy viewing
  • Bluetooth range is limited
  • Can’t program without the app

Buyer Guide

If you are interested in a simple thermostat model perfect for a house with basic requirements and also works with Bluetooth connectivity, go for it.

Warning: All thermostats don’t work with all Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. Installing an incompatible thermostat not only can destroy the entire HVAC system but will also void the warranty for the system. It means little carelessness can result in a huge cost of repair /replacement of your HVAC system.

Can thermostats be wireless?

Yes, thermostats can be wireless. Smart or Bluetooth thermostats can be controlled wirelessly. You can mount them on the wall and control them via the Internet using your computer, tablet, and smartphone, including Android and iPhone. So, the Bluetooth thermostat doesn’t require any wire.

Is the Nest thermostat Bluetooth?

Yes, the Nest thermostat is Bluetooth. It is particularly designed to communicate with other thermostats and even with you in a variety of ways. It can also work with WiFi, NFC, and wireless mesh WiFi network system to allow device-to-device communications. Besides, the nest thermostat Bluetooth is compatible with Alexa.

What is a good wireless thermostat?

The Ecobee Smart is a good wireless Thermostat. It does not require any wiring process and allows you to control your home’s temperature remotely. It also allows you to talk to Alexa without buying an Amazon Echo. Although it is expensive, its high-performance worths the cost.

Does Nest thermostat work without WiFi?

The Nest thermostat may function without access to the internet or WiFi. Users will have restricted access to the Nest thermostat’s smart and remote features. However, they will still be able to regulate the temperature of their house like a traditional thermostat by toggling the little screen on the Nest thermostat.

How to turn on Bluetooth on Nest thermostat?

To turn on Bluetooth on the Nest thermostat, ensure the Nest app is installed on your phone. First, turn on your thermostat. Next, turn on your phone Bluetooth (A Bluetooth icon will normally appear at the top of your phone’s screen). Once Bluetooth is on, Open the app and start controlling your temperature via Bluetooth.

Can you install a Smart Thermostat yourself?

Yes, you can install a smart Thermostat yourself. It is a simple DIY job that takes approximately 20-30 minutes in most houses. To install it, follow the step-by-step instructions given in the manual guide that comes with a smart thermostat.

Is it worth switching to a Smart Thermostat?

Yes. It’s time to switch to a smart thermostat. Don’t get a smart thermostat believing it would save you money. Instead, buy it for the convenience it offers. It allows you remotely switch off your air conditioner when you left it on accidentally while going on vacation.

Why should you use Bluetooth and do you have better options?

We’ve become used to wireless communication over time. Everything can be linked via Wi-Fi, making it very handy. So, why would you select Bluetooth connection over Wi-Fi?

You’re probably on the go if you’re searching for a thermostat for your RV or mobile home, for example. Even if you have access to Wi-Fi, it may be a hotspot or unreliable.

The same is true for houses in rural areas, such as a cottage in the woods, where Wi-Fi is just unavailable. So, Bluetooth is a better option.

Will thermostat work without batteries?

A few thermostats can operate without batteries. Normally they feature battery slots but don’t use them. Such thermostats still need the power to use line voltage or a C-wire.

The Nest thermostat can even power your HVAC system to keep its battery charged. However, it isn’t the greatest choice for many gadgets. Honeywell WiFi Smart Thermostat can work without batteries.


How do I install a Bluetooth thermostat?

You can install a Bluetooth thermostat with a few steps given below:

Step #1: Power off your HVAC system – Before installation, make sure the HVAC system is turned off. Otherwise, it can damage the entire system that often resulting in a huge cost of replacement or installation of a new HVAC system.

Step #2: Take off the Faceplate – Pull off the old thermostat and make sure the wiring is in good working condition. Leave the thermostat dangling.

Step #3: Take off the Mounting Plate – After pulling off the face of the thermostat, you will see a mounting plate, that provides a uniform surface to a thermostat. The mounting plate can slightly differ for each type of thermostat. Mostly, these plates are held by two to four screws, that can easily be taken off by anyone.

Step #4: Disconnect the wiresBelow the connecting plate, you will see the wires that were connected to the thermostat. Disconnect these wires but pay attention to which connectors are attached. On most thermostats, the cable connection is labelled with the first letter of wire color.

Step #5: Connect the wires of the new Thermostat – Now connect the wires of the thermostat using manual instructions. Double-check to make sure you have followed all instructions properly.

Step #6: Install the new Thermostat – Before installing the new thermostat, place the mounting plate (included in the box of your wireless thermostat) using screws properly and avoid bending the wires. Once the plate is installed, place the new thermostat immediately.

Step #7: Test the Thermostat – Using the remote, check your new thermostat. First, set the temperature to maximum, then make sure the temperature is working properly, and then do the same with low temp, to test the air-cooling.

What does return mean on thermostat?

The moment at which the thermostat switches on the heating and cooling modes after the energy-saving. This phase is referred to as the return. The HVAC system’s thermostat generally controls the return.

Using this feature guarantees that your heating and cooling systems do not run continuously while you are away and are restored to a suitable level when you come home.

Is my thermostat Bluetooth?

To know whether your thermostat is Bluetooth or not, follow the below steps

Step #1: Turn on Your Phone Bluetooth – Make sure your thermostat is on. If its screen is off, turn it on by tapping the touch bar. Now turn on Bluetooth on your phone. You will see a Bluetooth icon at the top of your phone’s screen.

Step #2: Move your phone closer to the thermostat within 12 inches and stay there until the app setup is complete.

Step #3:Turn-off other Bluetooth devices – Sometimes, other Bluetooth devices don’t allow the thermostat to connect to the app.

  1. Open your phone’s Bluetooth settings.
  2. Remove other connected devices.
  3. Now try reconnecting to the thermostat.

Please Note: These steps may slightly differ depending on your smartphone.

Step#4: Turn off Electronic devices – In rare cases, electronic appliances (like microwave ovens, coffee makers, etc.) can prevent Bluetooth from connecting. Turn them off till the completion of the thermostat setup.

The room temperature doesn’t match the thermostat setting: Troubleshoot

When the room temperature doesn’t match the thermostat setting, dirt may have accumulated in the thermostat’s internal components. You need to examine and clean the wiring of your thermostat. If you are hesitating to clean the wiring, call a professional.

Will a wireless thermostat work without WiFi?

Yes, a wireless Bluetooth thermostat can work without the internet because they do not entirely rely on the WiFi signals to work correctly. However, the controls will be limited to powering the home temperature settings and keeping track of your energy usage.

Do thermostats work without electricity?

Yes, thermostats work without electricity, but the only data it loses is the current time. Once the power is returned, the thermostat will continue its earlier settings and automatically connect to the internet.

Is there such a thing as a Bluetooth thermostat?

Bluetooth thermostats are becoming more popular among families who do not have access to the Internet. For example, a cottage! Bluetooth thermostats regulate the temperature in mobile homes and recreational vehicles. The radiant heat systems employ Bluetooth thermostats to regulate the temperature of the water.

How does a Bluetooth thermostat work?

The thermostat analyzes the temperature of all attached appliances and moderates it. It also adjusts the heating and cooling of your home. In addition to this feature, the thermostat has a Bluetooth program that allows you to connect it to your smartphone using Bluetooth.

  1. Google Nest Learning Thermostat – Best Overall
  2. Bosch Thermostat BCC50 – Best All-in-One
  3. Honeywell Thermostat (TH9320WF5003)  – User-Friendly
  4. T5+ Honeywell Thermostat – Best for working without C-Wire
  5. Honeywell Thermostat ( RTH6580WF ) – Best for low Budget
  6. Emerson Sensi Touch Thermostat – Certified and Top Rated
  7. Emerson Sensi Smart Thermostat – Best value

According to Good Media, the following are the best accurate thermostat

  1. Ecobee with Voice Control Thermostat – Best Overall
  2. Nest E Thermostat – Most Stylish Smart Thermostat
  3. Wyze Thermostat – Best Value
  4. Google Nest Learning Thermostat – Best Learning Thermostat
  5. Honeywell Home T10 Pro – Best for Multiple Zones
  6. Bosch Wi-Fi Thermostat – Best for Humidity Control
  7. Mysa Smart Thermostat – Best for Apartments
  8. Sensibo Air – Best for Easy Setup

Is this possible to program just the fan mode?

No. The thermostat only allows you to program temperature. Fan mode is either On or Auto. However, the pro model has a circulating air mode for fans only.

Can I control one thermostat using an app from several phones?

Yes. you can control one thermostat using an app from several phones such as iPhones, Android, tablets even Apple Watch. If you want to prevent your family member from constantly changing it, then you need to set a PIN.

Bluetooth Thermostat in 2023 – FAQs

While choosing the best thermostat in 2023, you may find yourself asking some questions. Here I have compiled the most common questions with answers.

Is there a completely wireless thermostat?

Yes, there is completely wireless thermostat. So, no need to worry more about plug-in cables. It is a wonderful option for an HVAC system with fewer wires. Google Nest, Bosch, and Honeywell are the best brands for wireless thermostats.

What is a thermostat used for?

A thermostat is used to activate and deactivates an HVAC system. In other words, it helps you to control the heating and cooling system of your house. Honeywell, Google Nest, and Bosch offer the best thermostat.

What does a wireless thermostat do?

A wireless thermostat comes with electronic sensors and temperature displays. It helps you to control the temperature of your home from anywhere using your smartphone app or a dedicated app.

Are thermostats Bluetooth?

Yes, some thermostats work on Bluetooth, unlike the old ones that work on WiFi signal which means you can give up the struggle of remembering the passwords so you can keep your mind calm! You can simply connect it and use it!

The Bottom Line

We hope this guide is useful to get the necessary information about the Bluetooth Thermostat. Definitely, the latest version has more features than the previous one. However, we recommend you buy a thermostat that meets your needs within your budget.  We have tried our best to provide you with all details. 

Regardless, if you still find anything missing, or have better suggestions to give, feel free to comment below. Also, share this guide with your friends and family members, looking for the best Bluetooth thermostat.

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