Best Outdoor WiFi Range Extender [June 2021 Updated]

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Best Outdoor WiFi Extender

Today, more people are interested in the use of the internet. As a result, the number of devices working with the internet is continuously increasing in almost all homes. Internet users are more conscious about its coverage than ever before. Sitting far from the router is a real pain. No need to worry, the best outdoor WiFi range extender is a blessing to resolve this problem.

The Wi-Fi range extenders capture a current signal with one antenna and magnify it effectively. And diffuse it to another antenna to boosts the signal coverage. Besides, it allows you to connect various devices simultaneously such as iOS, Android, PCs, PlayStation, smart plugs, Alexa devices, and much more.

This article will help you to figure out the best outdoor WiFi range extenders in 2021 with other details like pros and cons with buying guide.

Best Outdoor WiFi Range Extender – A Detailed Analysis

Each WiFi extender has some unique features. Our detailed analysis below will let you know the distinguishing features of 7 best outdoor WiFi extenders. So, you can make a better decision.

1.Netgear Extender EX6120 – Best for Easy Set up

Best Outdoor Extender - Netgear Extender EX6120

The Netgear Wi-Fi range extender is best for long distancing it covers 1200sq. Ft.  You can connect 20 devices simultaneously like laptops, tablets, smartphones, and many others. Its 1200Mbps data transmission boosts your video streaming and gaming app performance by using patented Fastlane (TM) and dual-band technology.

Moreover, it is compatible with any wireless gateway, router or cable modem with Wi-Fi. Wire ethernet port allow simple plugin of gaming console and other nearby devices. Finally, you can enjoy a safe and secure device system with a wireless safety protocol.

  • Cover 1200sq. Ft
  • Connect 20 devices
  • 1200Mbps data transmission
  • Universal compatibility
  • Security protocol
  • Easy to install

  • It either extends 2.4 Ghz or 5Ghz

Buyer Guide

Netgear Wi-Fi range extender is a powerful device that perfectly boos coverage of any home with a tiled bathroom and several walls.

2. Wi-Fi Range Extender  Best for Basement Coverage

Outdoor WiFi Range Extender

This WiFi range extender has dual-band technology that picks a high-quality band to enhance the performance. It provides 300Mbps/2.4GHz and 433Mbps/5GHz. In this way total of 733Mbps data transmission usage is available to you and also it overcomes the data transmission loss.

The dual-antenna is the special feature of this product that boosts coverage up to 1292 sq Ft with 360 degrees. With 733Mbps data transmission you can enjoy Wi-Fi coverage in your bedroom restrooms, floors, and even in the garden. It also works as a wireless adaptor that also boosts its proficiency.

The easy and quick setup makes it more interesting which only takes 8 seconds to start. It supports many devices. So, you can enjoy your gaming experience and HD streaming with this device. It also improves the coverage by pressing the WPS button.

  • Dual antenna
  • Full coverage of home even the basement
  • Cover 1292sq. Ft with 360 degree
  • 733Mbps data transmission
  • Wireless adaptor
  • Best for gaming app and HD streaming
  • Quick set up
  • Sometime it doesn’t get proper signals from router.

Buyers Guide

This Wi-Fi extender is for the individual who is looking for easy and simple installation and wants to extend the signals at every corner of home even the basement. It also split the signals into 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz providing you an option to choose which one you want.

3. TP-Link Wi-Fi Extender – Best Overall

Best Outdoor - TP-Link Wi-Fi Extender

TP-Link W-Fi extender not only offers wide coverage of up to 2000 sq. Ft but also helps you to connect 32 devices simultaneously.  It provides 1300Mbps data transmission which is compatible with any router access point and gateway. By using this device, you can also enjoy the Lag-Free connection to any device.

Moreover, it has an easy setup. The three external antennae improve coverage in the entire home. It is the best product which offers free technical support and 2 years of warranty. In sum, all these feature distinguishes it from competitors.

  • Full coverage of 2000 sq. Ft
  • 1300Mbps data transmission
  • Compatible to any router access
  • PCMag Editor’s Choice
  • Work with Alexa

  • Sometime it doesn’t work with 5Ghz.

Buyers Guide

If you are looking for a Wi-Fi extender that 1) allow you to enjoy game, video chat and online stream with flawless clarity, 2) free technical support and 2-year warranty. This is the best choice for you.

4. TP-Link Omada AC1200– Best for High Density Environment

WiFi Extender - TP-Link Omada AC1200

The TP-Link Omada extender offers steady wireless coverage up to 200m+/ 2.4GHz and 300m+/ 5GHz in outdoor area. The most importantly, the high transmission power of this device, gives full coverage with high gain antennas.

The Omada Controller software is based on Free Windows/Linux provides easy administration that controls hundreds of EAPs. Besides, it provides an quick and convenient method for guest authentication.

  • Steady wireless coverage
  • Best for high density environment
  • High transmission power
  • weatherproof attachment for outdoor applications
  • Omada Controller software that control hundreds of EAPs
  • easy method for guest authentication
  • a single SSID doesn’t cover a large area

Buyers Guide

If you need a Wi-Fi extender that help to connect security cameras installed in your home and provide internet coverage for many other devices, this is the best solution for you.

5. TP-Link N300 Extender – Best Cost effective

Outdoor WiFi - TP-Link N300 Extender

TP-Link N300 with a dual-polarized directional antenna has adjustable transmission power. It covers a 5km long-range paired Point-to-Point and Point-to-MultiPoint wireless transmission. Besides, TP-Link Pharos tdma technology boosts throughput capability and latency performance.

Moreover, the centralized management system allows you to use different operation modes. Finally, it supports up to 200 feet power for Ethernet deployment which enables it to reset remotely.

  • 5km long-range coverage
  • Best for high density environment
  • Adjustable transmission power
  • Enable to reset remotely
  • TP-Link Pharos tdma technology
  • Cost effective solution
  • User friendly design
  • Sends signal only

Buyers Guide

This TP-Link N300 Wi-Fi extender is for the individual who is looking for exceptional signals for frequent video conferencing software and even work in the bottom of garden.

6. WiFi Range Extender – Best for gamers

Best Outdoor Extender - Gamers WiFi Range Extender

This Wi-Fi range extender works with dual-band technology that automatically selects a high-quality band to improve the performance. It also gives 300 Mbps/2.4 GHz and 867Mbps/5GHz. So, you can enjoy total 1167Mbps data transmission. You can get coverage at 360 degrees for up to 1292 sq. ft.

In addition, the easy setup only takes 8 seconds to start. The device can easily expand the wireless coverage by simply pressing the WPS button. Besides, it supports many devices including echo/Alexa devices and you can enjoy online streaming and gaming. Finally, with a smart signal indicator, you can find the perfect spot for Wi-Fi coverage.

  • Dual band technology
  • Full coverage in the entire home
  • Cover 1292sq. Ft with 360 degree
  • 1167Mbps data transmission
  • Best for gaming app and HD streaming
  • Quick set up
  • Sometimes speed slows down from 11Mbps on the original router to 6Mbps on the extender.

Buyers Guide

This Wi-Fi range extender can be installed in a just one minute. It also offers you full coverage in your entire home enabling you to enjoy HD streaming. Thereby, it is highly recommended for gamers.

7. NETGEAR Extender EX5000 – Best for Safety and Security

Best Outdoor WiFi - NETGEAR Extender EX5000

Netgear wifi range extender gives a maximum coverage of 1500 sq. ft which makes it unique. It also connects to 25 devices and gives 1200Mbps data transmission.

Moreover, It has universal compatibility that works with any wireless router and cable modem. The main distinguishing feature is its security protocol that provides full safety and security. Finally, it is simple to set up and easy to use.

  • Full coverage
  • Cover1500 sq. Ft with 360 degree
  • 1200Mbps data transmission
  • Universal compatibility
  • Quick set up

  • Sometime, slowed down the internet.

Buyers Guide

If you need a Wi-Fi extender that not only provide you maximum coverage but also ensure you full security and safety, then go for it!

Best Outdoor WiFi Range Extender – FAQs

What is the best WiFi Extender for outside?

There are various outdoor WiFi extenders. Each one is unique in some ways. Here is the list of the best WiFi Extender for outside with usefulness.

  1. TP-Link WiFi Extender – Best Overall
  2. Netgear Extender EX6120 – Best for Easy Setup
  3. WiFi Range Extender – Best for Basement Coverage
  4. TP-Link Omada AC1200 – Best for a high-density environment
  5. TP-Link N300 Extender – Best Cost-effective
  6. WiFi Range Extender– Best for Gamers
  7. Netgear Extender EX5000 – Best for Safety and Security

What is the best way to extend your WiFi outdoors?

An easy option to extend WiFi outside using a mesh system and other satellite units. It can offer you a couple of hundred square feet of outdoor coverage. Although Mesh systems are expensive, setting up is often easy for new users.

How do I extend my WiFi to outbuilding?

First, you can try the WiFi extender /booster even repeater. Put it close to the outbuilding you are trying to reach as far as possible. The window can be a perfect place to put it because it minimizes any disturbances from building materials. If your home has a mesh system, it is better to go for a mesh unit.

Which WiFi extender has the longest range?

To cover the longest range, you can consider from of the following the best outdoor WiFi extenders.

  1. TP-Link WiFi Extender– 2000 square feet, Best Overall
  2. TP-Link N300 Extender – More than 5Km, Best for Low Budget
  3. Netgear Extender EX5000 – 1500 square feet, Best for Safety and Security
  4. Netgear Extender EX6120 – 1500 square feet, Best for Easy Set up

Wrapping Up

We hope this guide is useful to get the necessary information about the best outdoor WiFi range extender. We have tried our best to provide you all details. Regardless, if you still find anything missing or have better suggestions to give, please comment below.

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