Best Mini Projector Under 100 – Buyer’s Guide [July 2021 Updated]

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best mini projector

The Market Watch highlights the growing demand for the best mini projector from the education and corporate sector. People also want to buy it to enjoy old movies at the home cinema. Mini projectors are comparatively cheap.

However, it is a time taking task to find the best mini projector at a reasonable price. So, to help you find the projector under 100 price tag, we have tested several projectors available in the market and provide you necessary details.

Things to Consider Before Buying Mini Projector Under 100

A best mini projector can be used for different purposes like home theater, gaming, and alternative to a TV set, and business presentation. Whatever your intention is, before buying a portable/mini projector, there are a few things you need to keep in mind;

Display Technology: An image is displayed using one of the three technologies: Digital Light Processing (DLP), Light Emitted Diode (LED), and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). DLP provides the best quality, but this is expensive, and you can’t get it under $100.

In contrast, both LED, and LCD projectors are cheap. However, the new LCD produces better color and brightness than LED. Its downside is, it generates more heat during continuous use.

Resolution: You should know the difference between Native and Supportive resolution. The actual resolution of a picture on the physical screen is known as a native resolution. Make sure the standard native resolution is 800x480P.

The video resolution that a projector accepts to play is called supported resolution that depends on native resolution. The standard supported resolution is 1920x1080P. Click for further details.

Brightness: It is measured with lumen range. The image produced by a projector with a 1,000 –1,200 lumen range is not clearly visible in lit rooms. The brighter projector can have high-quality pictures under entirely dark conditions.

However, with around 2,000 lumens, the projector needs to turn on some lights to minimize the brightness’s negative effect on the eyes.

Screen Throw: It determines how far a projector needs to be placed to deliver a specific size picture. If you plan to use it in a small room, look for a short-throw projector for better performance.

Weight: If you fly around the world and need to bring your presentation tools with you, you need a lightweight project. Thus, make sure the product is light and designed to carry it in a bag.

User-Friendly Interface: Keep in mind that High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDM) is easy to use, and connect with many modern technologies.

Best Mini Projector under $100 – A Detailed Analysis

Each best mini projector has some unique features. Our detailed analysis below will let you know the distinguishing features of 8 mini projectors under 100. So, you can make a better decision.


1. DB Power L12 Mini Projector – Best Multipurpose

Best Projector under 100 - DB Power L12 Mini Projector

This cool mini projector is lightweight (1lb) that allows you to create your cinema experience wherever you like. Its picture quality is best with 70% brighter & 50% sharper display than similar products in the market.

Moreover, it can give you an incredible 72 inch big. The sharp and bright video can go as big as 172 inches as it moves 5m away from the projection surface. You can also connect it through any device, including laptops, smartphones, play stations, and more.

The DB Power L12 model comes in handy with low fan noise and 50,000 hours of lamp life. So, you can forget about replacing it in a short time. Besides, it can be used for home theater, bedroom, and party even outside.

Best Mini Projector under 100 - Multifunctional

Finally, this best projector under 100, comes with 3-years of technical support on different channels such as phone, email, social media, and live chat.

Tips for projectors under 100

  1. Take a short break for every 2 hours to relax your eyes.
  2. For PC and Laptop, adjust display resolution to “1280*720” for best quality image.
  3. Buy a wireless HDMI adapter to connect with tablet or smartphone.
  • LED light technology
  • Six-layer LCD lens display
  • Dual fan cooling system
  • 176” cinema experience
  • Hi-Fi stereo sound
  • Long lens life (50,000 hours)
  • 3 years of technical support
  • Best picture quality even in dim lights
  • Not Recommended for business presentations
  • Package doesn’t include HDMI adapter
  • Dolby sound is not supported

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a multipurpose mini projector that can be used in bedroom, party, home theater, and outside at a low cost and long-run technical support, this DBPOWER L12 mini projector is a perfect solution for you.

2. DIWUER – Best Mini Projector for Family Entertainment

Mini Projector under 100 - DIWUER Mini Video Projector

The DIWUER mini video projector offers a 4200 lumens lamp that hardly any other product shows in the same price range. You can connect it with Android and iOS phones using Wi-Fi or using a simple USB cable. Notably, most other mini projectors require an HDMI adapter for USB connectivity.

Besides, the mini projector offers a mega screen size of 35 to 200 inches from a projection distance of 1-6 meters. Large screen size is joined with Dolby digital sound that ensures every sound effect is adequately delivered to you.

It also comes with HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, and SD interfaces along with Wi-Fi, which makes it compatible with your smartphones, laptop, PC, gaming consoles, TV Box, TV sticks, and more. Besides, it has the most extended lens life of 55000 hours with lifetime support.


  1. Before buying, check whether your phone version is compatible with screen mirroring
  2. When you use the projector with USB cable, please use ORIGINAL cable, otherwise it may not work.

best Mini projector - 200 inch mega screen

Finally, this best projector under 100 allows you to do Screen Mirroring using two different methods for Wi-Fi and USB cable. If you are wondering to know these methods? Here, we tell you both ways in a few simple;

Screen Mirroring via Wi-Fi

For iOS 9.0 or later:

  1. Hit the “Input Source” button and choose “Screen Mirroring,”
  2. Enter the interface of Screen Mirroring for iOS System and Press “OK.”
  3. See Wi-Fi of LEISURE450-XXXXX and Tap AirPlay Mirroring to find the projector
  4. Choose LEISURE450-XXXXXX and start Mirroring

For Android 4.4 or later:

  1. Click on “Input Source” and select “Screen Mirroring,”
  2. Enter the interface of Screen Mirroring for ioS System and press “OK” to switch to Screen Mirroring for Android System, and hit “OK” again
  3. Make sure the Multi-Screen function is activated on your Android device and find the projector
  4. Select LEISURE450-XXXXX to connect and enjoy Mirroring

Screen Mirroring via USB Cable

For iOS 9.0 or later:

  1. Hit the “Input Source” button to get “Screen Mirroring.”
  2. Connect iOS mobile to the USB port of projector using the ORIGINAL lightning cable
  3. Choose Trust in the pop-up window of Trust and begin Mirroring

For Android Devices:

  1. Click the “Input Source” button to choose “Screen Mirroring.” Now hit the OK button on the projector or its remote control.
  2. Open Settings of your android device, search for Developer options to turn on USB debugging
  3. Connect the device to the USB port of the projector using the ORIGINAL USB cable. Then, press “OK” on the pop-up to allow USB debugging and start Mirroring.

  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Support Dolby Sound
  • Full wall display screen
  • Lifetime support
  • Synchronize Smart Phone Screen
  • It can’t support Apps having “HDCP” video due to copyrights protection, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime videos, DIRECTV, XFINITY, and VUDU.

Buyer Guide

Suppose you are fed up with using complicated cable connections and want to enjoy the highest resolution for outdoor and indoor video entertainment utilizing a Wi-Fi connection. In that case, this user-friendly projector is for you.

3. AZEUS RD-822 – Best Projector for Games, Movie, and Graphics

Best Mini Projector under 100 - AZEUS RD-822 Mini Projector

AZEUS mini projector offers an 80% sharper HD display with a native 1280x720p resolution and 3000:1 contrast ratio, making it an ideal choice for projecting games, movies, and graphics.

An in-built 5W speaker produces a decent sound without connecting to any speakers, and a dual-fan design reduces unwanted fan noise. Its 5000 lumens are 80% brighter than other comparable products. It is preferred for longer lens life (50,000 hours).

It gives multiple output options with 2 x HDMI, 2xUSB, VGA, AV, and audio output. You can connect it to your android phone and iPad. The display starts from a minimum distance of 40 inches and goes to as big as 200 inches on 5 meters (max distance).

projector under 100 - supports multiple devices

It comes with three years warranty even with replacement or refund, along with a 24/7 helpline available.

The Box Includes: AZEUS RD-822 Projector, Remote Control, HDMI Connection Cord, Power Cable, AV Connection Cord, Quick-Start Guide, Instruction Manual

  • 10m remote distance
  • No unwanted fan noise
  • 256k color reproduction
  • 5W HiFi Built-in speaker
  • Flexible device connections
  • LTPS LCD image technology
  • 3 Years Warranty & 7×24 support
  • Need to buy an extra converter if you want to connect to the android phone

Buyer Guide

The larger, brighter, and sharper display size combined with high-quality built-in speakers makes it best for gamers and streamers.

4. VANKYO Leisure 3 – Best Mini Projector for iPhone

Best Projector under 100 - VANKYO Leisure 3

Vankyo Mini is the best projector under 100 for better viewing experiences. It is powered by the MStar color engine that is perfect for home theaters / small indoor spaces.

Moreover, the supporting resolution is 1980×1020 making it a seamless choice for video viewing, gaming, and picture browsing. You can connect it to your smartphone, PS3, PS4, X-Box One, or Wii to enjoy diversified games.

Besides, it offers the right screen size of 30 to 170 inches. The projector had recently upgraded to LCD technology in 2020. The brightness has also been improved to +60%. Its keystone correction option allows you to adjust images within ±15° the way you like.

mini projector under 100- upgraded brighter

The product is compatible with TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, TF, AV, and USB. It has a fan noise reduction and cooling technology that makes the viewing experience even better. In sum, all its features make it ideal for enjoying leisure time at home.

Tips for best mini projector


  1. Use the projector in dark environment for better results
  2. Don’t use for PowerPoint or office presentation
  • MStar Advanced Color Engine
  • Fan noise suppression system
  • Advanced built-in Hi-Fi speaker
  • No need for app installation
  • Allow adjusting image up to ±15°
  • Connection with Multiple Devices
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Not suggested for business presentation
  • HDMI adapter is needed for Android phone

Buyer Guide

It is a better option for the individual who prefers an upgraded tech and brighter picture to enjoy a tremendous home theater and parties at a low price. Its stream multimedia can be contented to various devices like TV stick, PC, laptops, video game consoles with the HDMI input.

5. QKK 5000Lux – Best Mini Projector for Home Theater

Mini Projector - QKK 5000Lux

QKK Mini Projector was upgraded in 2020.  Display size starts from 32 inches at a 1-meter distance and goes to a maximum of 176 inches on a 5-meter space. Its sharp display of 120 inches supports the ideal viewing distance (3.5 meters).

Moreover, the multiple input options like HDMI, VGA, AV, SD Card port, and two ports of USB distinguish it from other mini projectors. And allow you to use it with any device, including laptop, smartphones, PC, TV box, Chrome Book, Blu-Ray DVD player, USB drives, and more.


If you face sound issue while watching Netflix, turn off the Dolby Sound. It will resolve your problem.

Besides, the LED technology makes it 20% brighter than other mini projectors in the market. The contrast ratio 2000:1 displays the image very clearly even you watch series in grey or black. Most notably, The German Cooling System keeps the fan noise low to 45.3dB.

This projector comes with a nicely designed tripod that improves picture quality and makes it easy to customize display size, manage space and balance the projector. And its remote control helps you to operate it conveniently.

Box Includes: QKK Projector, Remote Control, Portable Tripod, AV Cable, Power Cable and 1.5M HDMI Cable

  • Upgraded in 2020
  • Many input options
  • 5W Built-in Speaker
  • 50,000 Hours LED Lamp Life
  • German WTS 2.0 Cooling System
  • Attractive tripod & remote control
  • Low lumens make it good for dark environment only

Buyer Guide

If you are interested to get a decent mini projector with a tripod and remote control to use in a dark environment, this is the best option for you.

6. ManyBox Mini Best Mini Projector under 100

Best affordable Mini Projector - ManyBox

Manybox Mini is another best mini projector under 100. So, it doesn’t empty your wallet and lets you spend some more on movies you had on the To Be Watched list. It comes with a longer lamp life of 45,000 hours with a built-in dual speaker and a cooling fan.

Moreover, it offers the best projection starting from 36 inches to 150 inches with (3 to 12) feet projection distance. Besides, a 4500 lumens-powered lamp gives you a 70 % brighter display with full HD 1080p resolution support, along with a 2000:1 contrast ratio.

Box Includes: V501 Mini Projector, Remote Control, Power Cable, HDMI Cable, AV 3-in-1 Cable, User Manual.

The multiple input options with HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, TF (1080p) make it convenient to connect to any device of your choice like smartphones, laptops, USB drives, game consoles, etc. Finally, it offers one-year technical support.

1. If there is no music after connection with HDMI devices, please turn off Dolby to get sound.

2. For better results, use the projector in relatively dark environment and make sure the projector distance is 2m-3m.

  • Inexpensive
  • Big size screen
  • +70% Brightness
  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • 15°± Keystone Correction option
  • Powerful built-in dual speaker
  • Multiple cable connections like HDMI, USB, VGA
  • Only 1-Year Warranty
  • Not suitable for business presentations
  • The USB port doesn’t support cord connection
  • Cables to connect with smartphones are required to buy

Buyer Guide

This mini projector is good for the buyers interested in watching their favorite movie at the home theater without spending a hefty sum of amount. Its larger display size and built-in dual speakers also add to your entertainment.

7. Meer YG220 – Best Mini Projector for Kids

 Meer YG220 best Projector under 100 for kids

The Meer YG220 mini projector is famous for its sleek and attractive design. It weighs only 0.6 kg.  So, you can carry it anywhere you like. Its small button and remote control make it user-friendly.

Moreover, its LED light offers diffuse reflection pictures to protect your kids’ eyes. The tripod can rotate 360 degrees, and its feature of excellent heat dispersion ensures you will never face the problem of overheating.

The mini projector offers 800 lumens with 480*272p native resolution, and it supports up to 1080p. Besides, it provides an image contrast ratio of 800:1, an aspect ratio of 16:9, and a projection distance of 1.5M-2.5M with a projection size of 24-80 inches. So, it is ideal for games, cartoons, kids, and family entertainment in dark conditions.

best projector under 100 - family entertainment

Box Includes: yg220 mini projector, power adapter, AV cable & user manual

Finally, like other best projectors under 100, it also offers multiple input options with HDMI, USB, AV, SD ports. Therefore, it can easily be connected to any device at your home like your smartphone, laptop, tablet, tv box, game console, etc.

  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • Protect eyes
  • User-Friendly
  • Rotatable tripod
  • Great heat dispersion
  • Multiple cable connections
  • Built-in 2.5w stereo speaker
  • TFT LCD imaging technology
  • Doesn’t have built-in battery
  • The package doesn’t include;
  • 1. Lightning to HDMI adapter, required to connect with iPhone or iPad
  • 2. Micro USB to HDMI adapter, required to connect Android devices
  • 3. Wi-Fi Network Adapter, required for wireless connection

Buyer Guide

It is for those conscious about eyes and looking to buy a cute small projector for kids and family entertainment in a dark environment. It can also be a present for your children.

8. DBPOWER RD820 – Best Mini Projector for Safety & Quietness

Best quiet Projector under 100 - DBPOWER RD820

The DBPOWER RD820 mini projector has a remote control and upgraded 3500 lumens that make it a good display for some excellent movie or gaming fun at your place.

Moreover, the super quiet fan improves your viewing experience. The display size is 30 to 170 inches with a projection distance of 1-5 meters. The optimum projection distance is 1.8-2 meters, making it a suitable option for smaller spaces.

Box Includes: DBPower RD-820 Projector, Remote Control, Carrying Case, Projector Lens Cover, Power Cable, HDMI and 3-in-1 AV Connection Cords, Instruction Manual.

This mini projector also works with Fire TV Stick, PCs, Laptops, Chrome Book, DVD players, SD Cards, USB, iPhone, and Smartphones. Advanced pure copper tube cooling technology makes it very safe. The upgraded version offers better quality.

Its lamp life is 50000 hours. Without the requirement of app installation, the easy setup makes it perfect for home theater with your friends. Finally, the company also offers a 3-year warranty.


While using, don’t block the air vents and when not in use, please unplug to prevent dust from entering.

  • Upgraded brightness
  • Super Quiet cooling fan
  • Extra Long lamp life
  • 3-year warranty
  • Perfect gift for friends & family
  • Not for business presentations.
  • Doesn’t support Dolby audio
  • The package doesn’t include Lightning to HDMI adapter, required to connect with iPhone or iPad

Buyer Guide

The DBPOWER RD820 mini projector is for the individual who is looking for a durable and anti-noise product with remote control and long-term support. Overall, it is the best choice to watch football matches, TV series, play videos, photo sharing, and video games.

Best Mini Projector under 100 2021– FAQs

When it comes to buying the best projector under 100, you may find yourself asking some questions. Here I highlight the most common questions with answers.

💭 Are mini projectors worth buying?

The price and size of portable projects are continuously declining. The best thing is you can certainly use the mini project for many purposes, such as presentations, gaming, party, and home theater. In short, the affordable price, compact size, and multi-purpose functioning make the mini projector worth buying.

💳 What is the best projector under $100?

Several projectors are available under 100. Choosing the best projector depends upon your needs.

  1. ManyBox – Best Cheap Projector
  2. DB Power L12– Best Multipurpose
  3. Meer YG220 – Best Mini Projector for Kids
  4. DBPOWER RD820 – Best for Safety and Quietness
  5. VANKYO Leisure 3 – Best Mini Projector for iPhone
  6. QKK 5000Lux – Best Mini Projector for Home Theater
  7. AZEUS RD-822– Best for Games, Movie, and Graphics
  8. DIWUER – Best WiFi Mini Projector for Family Entertainment

What is the best inexpensive projector?

ManyBox is the best inexpensive projector. It has a lamp life of 45,000 hours with a built-in cooling fan and dual speaker. It also offers the best display starting from 36 inches to 150 inches.

Besides, its 4500 lumens-powered lamp offers a 70 % brighter display with full HD 1080p resolution support. Several input options like HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, TF (1080p) make it convenient to connect to any device like smartphones, laptops, game consoles, USB drives, etc. Finally, it offers one-year technical support.

What is the difference between a regular projector and a mini projector?

There are few differences between a regular and mini-project. A mini projector has less power than a regular projector and its compact size makes it portable. Besides, a mini projector is cheaper than a regular one. You can easily buy a mini projector under the USD 100 price tag whereas it is impossible if you want to buy a regular projector.

📍Do projectors use a lot of electricity?

Projectors are known for their versatility in power consumption, typically ranging from 50W for the very small projectors, up to 150-800 watts for a large one.

Can I use a mini projector outdoors or does it work indoors only?

These mini projectors work well in any dark environment (indoor or outdoor), all they need is a surface to project on. However, some mini projectors can also work well in dim light.

💭 Can I project my movie on the ceiling?

Sure, any surface that you can point your projector straight at. However, you might want to think about the ideal projection distance. While projecting on a wall, you can usually move the projector back and forth to achieve a sharp image, but you can’t possible in the case of the ceiling.

Can I watch Netflix etc. on my mini projector?

Most mini projectors work fine with a fire stick, TV box, etc. However, Netflix imposes copyright restrictions so you may face one or another issue while projecting Netflix-like sound may not work properly. To resolve this problem, turn off the Dolby sound.

The Bottom Line

We hope this guide is useful to get the necessary information about the best mini projector under 100. We have tried our best to provide you all details. Regardless, if you still find anything missing or have better suggestions to give, please comment below.

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