Asus – Rog 16 WUXGA 144hz Gaming Laptop Review

asus - rog 16 wuxga 144hz gaming laptop review

The founders of ASUS ROG set out to build the most capable and adaptable gaming laptops available. These high-end gaming systems enhance the gaming experience with best-in-class screens. If you are looking for Asus – Rog 16 WUXGA 144Hz gaming laptop review, keep reading! 😊

In this article, I will discuss the features of the Asus Rog 16 WUXGA and why this laptop is the best option for you in 2022.

Asus – Rog 16 WUXGA 144Hz Gaming Laptop Review

The Asus Rog 16 gaming laptop comes with top-tier graphics and cutting-edge cooling techniques that boost gaming performance. Let’s dive into further details.

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Brand: ASUS | Series: ASUS ROG | Screen Size: 16 Inches | Color: Black | Hard Disk Size: 512 GB | CPU Model: Intel Core i7 | Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1200 Pixels | Graphics Coprocessor: ‎NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti

Asus Rog 16 WUXGA 144 Hz Gaming Laptop: Main Features

The Asus Rog 144 HZ gaming laptop is equipped with advanced features. Here is the description of all the main features.

Asus Rog 16 WUXGA Display

With 144 Hz WUXGA display vision, ultra-bright 500 nits, 3 ms reaction time, and 100% DCI-P3 color accuracy, the ASUS notebook with NVIDIA RTX3050Ti GPU can satisfy you to play 3D games.

Moreover, it offers a 4K 120Hz/3ms panel, certified color fidelity100% Adobe RGB, and balances high-res detail with speed to fulfil the requirements for massive games,

On the 300Hz FHD panel with a 3ms response time, it reduces ghosting and aims for esports speed. The area for your creative toolkit that includes a stylus is essential.

asus - rog 16 wuxga 144hz gaming laptop

Asus Rog WUXGA Laptop Graphics

Moreover, now you can play graphics-intensive games. With an 11th Gen Intel Core i7-11800H processor, the ASUS ROG gaming laptop runs graphically demanding games fluidly.

Optical Switches Enhance Precision

Optical keyboard switches operate almost instantly and significantly more quickly than regular switches. And allow for more responsive input, higher precision, and long-lasting performance.

Longer travel distance increases comfort. Moreover, the curved caps keep your fingertips in the middle of the device. You may emphasize key instructions for various games using per-key Aura Sync illumination, a fun way to brighten your surroundings.

Asus Rog 16 Gaming Laptop Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality Ultra, and HTC Vive, and are compatible with this computer since it fulfil the minimum system requirements to run both virtual reality gear and software. Besides, a foldable display also enhances your gaming experience.

asus - rog 16 wuxga 144hz Laptop for gamer

Cutting-Edge Cooling Boosts Performance

More heat is removed from the CPU via a liquid metal thermal compound. With a novel design that pushes more air with less turbulence, Arc Flow fans spin 84 blades per unit.

To quickly remove heat, the air is forced through fan outlets and up to 4 heatsinks. Moreover, these and other upgrades enable ROG Boost to overclock the GPU in Turbo mode. Besides,  it helps to create additional thermal headroom for the CPU and GPU to be overclocked at even higher rates.

Noise Cancelation With 3D Mic

AI Noise Cancelation for Two Ways with 3D Mic, To make voice communication clearer, array-based two-way AI noise cancellation clarifies upstream and downstream audio by removing distracting noise.

You can enjoy the depth of DTS Ultra high-fidelity audio on two speakers with four cutouts. In addition, with Two-Way AI Noise-Cancelation that eliminates unwanted sound from incoming and outgoing audio, voice communication is more precise.

Virtual 7.1-channel surround sound in games enhances spatial awareness so you can outwit opponents. In addition, optimized preset modes and an equalizer for more in-depth customization improve your experience.

Asus Rog More Advanced Features

The Asus Rog gaming laptop has many other features, including a Backlit keyboard, Fingerprint Reader, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and webcam.

quick-tips1. Use ultrafast Thunderbolt to connect quickly and easily to the newest gadgets, including docking stations and powerful external GPUs.

2. Instead of frantically searching for a plug when your battery runs out, Type-C charging enables you to charge from portable power packs.

Asus – Rog 16 WUXGA 144Hz Gaming Laptop Review Results

What We Liked
  • 3D Mic
  • Virtual Reality
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Noise cancellation
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Cutting- Edge cooling
  • Optical-mechanical keyboard
  • Suitable for large-scale 3D video Games
What we didn't like
  • Expensive but additional features worth the cost


Products with electrical plugs are made for American consumers. Voltage and outlets vary from country to country. This device might need an adapter or converter to be used while travelling. Before buying, kindly verify compatibility.


Is Rog better than Razer?

Yes, Rog is better than Razer because ASUS is a better option for students or working people as it has long battery life and a brighter display that suits your eyes. On the other hand, Razer does deliver a smoother gaming experience, but Rog is better overall.

Which ASUS ROG series is best?

The following are the best overall Asus laptops for gaming:

1. Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 – Best overall

2.Asus VivoBook Pro 15 – Best OLED display

3.Asus ROG Zephyrus S17 – Best premium gaming laptop

4.Asus ROG Strix G15– Best Midrange gaming laptop

5. Asus ROG Flow Z13 GZ301 – Most portable

Is Rog Zephyrus better than TUF?

ROG Zephyrus: The zenith of form and function

Yes, Rog Zephyrus is better than TUF if compared with price-friendly substitutes like ASUS TUF Gaming because the Zephyrus series offers a more premium all-around experience, such as long battery life, a comfortable keyboard and a responsive touchpad.

Which Asus laptop is best for gaming?

Asus – Rog 16 WUXGA 144hz Gaming Laptop is the best Asus laptop for gaming as it’s one of the most capable and adaptive laptops. It has a high-end gaming system with long battery life and an ultra-bright display, which greatly improves your gaming experience!

Final Verdict

The above Asus – Rog 16 WUXGA 144Hz Gaming Laptop Review shows that it is one of the best options for 2022. So if you love playing 3D games and looking for a high-end gaming laptop that must be compatible with virtual reality, it can be your great choice.

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