Hitechitem came into existence after a discussion between Erin Karl and Anna Catherine. They were talking about how the internet of things (iot) is changing the living style. Erin showed his interest to know about the best products for smart homes. Anna realized that many other people will be searching to know the best items for smart homes.

Many of us are reluctant to conduct research, rather we just buy whatever items recommended by our friends, relatives or colleagues etc. No one can deny that technology and social media have made our life busier than ever before and it’s very hard to spare time to read the number of reviews.  

They continue the discussion to assist people in buying hi-tech items for their smart homes. It ended with a great idea for a website.

John Cornet, who was already in Anna network, expressed his willingness to join as a content writer.

The Hitechitems.com aims to save your time providing you all details and unbiased reviews of different hi-tech items for your smart home in the format of “Buyer’s Guide” and “Top-Rated”.

We hope this website will be your last destination to pick the best items according to your need.

If you want to figure out which item is best for your smart home, we believe you will find Hitechitems useful.


Erin Karl

After graduating from the Cork Institute of Technology with a Business Degree, he practiced in the Construction industry as an Operating Engineers– followed by a long period of international tour. Coffee, Latest gadgets, Music are few things, he is passionate about.

John Cornet

John Cornet is a content creator and tech lover. He is a Cisco Certified Network Engineer and recently finished his Master of Science in Networks. Now working in Tech industry in Spain. He loves revolving around food, travelling and automotive subjects.

Anna Catherine

Anna Catherine loves eating, fashion and internet of things (iot). After spending years living and working in the France, she came to immerse herself in content writing and digital marketing. She is also a passionate blogger.